The 29 Things I Put in My Fibromyalgia ‘Cuddle Basket’

The 29 Things I Put in My Fibromyalgia ‘Cuddle Basket’

This week has been a challenging one — I’ve been physically, emotionally and mentally drained. My pain levels were high, my fatigue severe and I could only focus on my flaws. I lost my ability to smile. Talking to friends really helped me. They listened and offered advice and hugs. (Thank you, I am blessed.)

It got me thinking — what’s a life with no joy, positivity or self-appreciation? Sometimes we get so lost in our health problems, in pleasing others, money worries, work demands and family and relationship issues, we often forget about those things in life that make us happy. Spending time being good to yourself might help you discover a more positive, peaceful and happy you. It’s important for our health and well-being to take time out to relax. Taking a time out for yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. 

Being in constant pain and feeling fatigued is a challenge, and sometimes fibromyalgiafighters need a “cuddle” day/evening/hour. It’s the time you need to retreat from the world, take care of yourself and recharge your batteries until you’re ready to re-emerge and fight again.

A friend of mine, Lyndsey, has chronic back pain. We talked and giggled about what we would put in our chronic pain “cuddle basket.”

I was inspired by our chat, and in preparation for any future much-needed cuddle time, I fetched an unused basket from storage and filled it. Here’s what’s in my overflowing fibromyalgia cuddle basket:


1. Kindle

2. Chocolate

3. Scented candle

4. Comfy blanket

5. Tea tree face mask

6. A good movie

7. Family photos

8. Sanctuary body lotion

9. Lavender pillow mist

10. Coffee

11. Homemade lemon scrub

12. My favorite perfume: Gucci Guilty

13. Art therapy coloring book

14. Comfy PJs

15. Clinique liquid facial soap

16. Homemade foot scrub

17. Sleep balm

18. Homemade soap

19. DVD boxset

20. Sensuous body scrub

21. Microwave wheat bag — my owl

22. Hot chocolate

23. Jellies

24. Thick comfy socks

25. Deep repair for my hair

26. Heating oil treatment for my hair

27. Strawberry and raspberry herbal tea

28. Satsuma body mist

29. Fragrance oils for my aroma diffuser and humidifier

As you can see I’m more than ready for some cuddle time. What would you put in your basket?


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